Lightseekers Kindred Reveal #2!

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Greetings Lightseekers, and WELCOME to our second Lightseekers Kindred Card Reveal post!

Who loves Kreebals?  If your answer wasn’t a resounding “I LOVE KREEBALS” I’m not sure we can be friends anymore… They’re cute, hilariously unintelligent AND warmongers!  What else could you ask for?

As we promised, our card reveal today has something in common with a Chimchu that we’ve known and loved since Lightseekers Awakening…

Our card, however, isn’t a Weapon Master… Our Kreebal friend is a little less refined than his Chimchu role model. So while the Chimchu is the master of his weapon, our Kreebal is simply a MUDSLINGER!!!

Mudslinger is great addition to the mountain anti-weapon arsenal.  With the new sideboard rules you don’t even need to have it taking up a slot in the main deck!

Hopefully we will see some great Kreebal synergy with the unveiling of the rest of the Kindred mountain cards. Weapons beware! The mud is about to be slung!

Lightseekers Kindred Spoiler #1!!!

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It’s that time again!  Spoiler Season!

Bova and I are SO excited that PlayFusion has asked us to reveal cards again this go around, and our brains are going crazy thinking about all the possibilities that our new card will present to us for deck building and game play.

Without further ado… We present to you Loyal Furhorn

For a COMMON this card presents some fantastic potential!  The first thing that we noticed?  It just says BUFFS… it does not specify action buffs.  HELLO STELLAR FUSION and METEOR SHOWER again and again!  This is also going to let you keep playing your Mage Ships and Skyward Observatories.  However even more importantly, let’s explore the way that Loyal Furhorn is going to work with some of the already spoiled Kindred cards.

Loyal Furhorn will be a great card to end your Chimchu Commander turn. You can return Chimchu Commander and do it all again in 3 turns! Telestan Priest is a Chimchu and it helps you draw more Chimchu cards to use with the combo!

We are super exited to play with this card and we hope you are too! Be on the lookout for our next Kindred reveal on Thursday 6/28! Hint: It has something in common with a Chimchu we all know and love…

Wacky Wednesday 2

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Greetings Lightseekers, and welcome to the second weekly installment of our WACKY WEDNESDAY blog posts!

This week was a DOOZY!  I am dubbing this deck the RAINBOW DECK!


The fantastic Hugh from posed the following challenge for this week’s wacky decks:

  • There must be equal representation between ALL SIX orders in the 30 action cards
  • There can only be cross order combos, and you MUST have EACH order represented in the combos
  • There can be a maximum of 2 unaligned cards

After Hugh described the restrictions, I will admit that I just started laughing at how bad these decks were going to be.  I began to theory-craft a little bit, but then I made the mistake of asking Hugh what hero he was going to use… His response:

“I’m going to use Carnage, don’t copy”

Well… when my deck restrictor adds restrictions, I must obey.  SO! There went half of my deck strategy that I had been working on.  I knew that I was going to need a cross order hero in order to make my card ratios work properly though, so after careful consideration, I decided that my best option was Sunhunter Tuktu.

Now, when it came to deciding my action cards, I knew without even thinking that my unaligned slots were going to HAVE to be taken up by Tantosian Blacksmiths. Without the Blacksmiths, my deck will probably fail… and even with the blacksmiths, it might fail too.  Hugh having General Carnage’s item finding ability is WAY too strong for this restriction type.

For the rest of the action cards, I knew that I was going to need to have the highest value cards possible.  If I’m not able to play cards due to not having access to the correct element quite often through the course of the game, when I AM playing cards I need to make sure that I’m getting the best bang for my buck!  That’s what a lot of my cards do both healing AND damage, as well as why I chose the buff removal options that give me the ability to remove 3 buffs (crazed bombers in tech, and thunder slug in storm). I added in some Dust Fiends, in the hopes that I might be able to actually PLAY some of my combos, and I also tossed in a few Rootsingers, in the hopes that if I do need to get back my Blacksmiths in order to search for a new weapon, I would be able to do so.

Here is my decklist… Hugh and I haven’t played our match yet, so wish me luck everyone!


Sunhunter Tuktu (access to Astral and Mountain)


  1. Singing Blad (Nature)
  2. Tempest Rod (Storm)
  3. Nitro Hammer (Tech)
  4. Leeching Scimitar (Dread)


  1. Meteor Shower (astral/mountain)
  2. Life Imbue (nature/tech)
  3. Chilling Curse (dread/storm)
  4. Electrify (storm/tech)
  5. Apocalypse (dread/mountain)

Astral Action Cards:

  1. Sun Beacon x3
  2. Starhorn Tusker x1

Mountain Action Cards:

  1. Rickety Mine x2
  2. Mountain Fort x2

Nature Action Cards:

  1. Rootsinger x3
  2. Fungal Medium x1

Storm Action Cards:

  1. Dust Fiend x3
  2. Thunder Slug x1

Tech Action Cards:

  1. Crazed Bomber x2
  2. Maniacal Machine x2

Dread Action Cards:

  1. Gorged Stalker x3
  2. Shambler x1


I’ve dealt myself a few hands with this deck so far, and OMG does it really demonstrate just exactly HOW important it is to have the right ratios and distribution of cards in your deck.  I anticipate that there will be a LARGE number of turns that I will need to spend drawing. Thankfully, Tuktu’s ability might make it a bit more consistent for me to draw into the cards that I need.  I’m just going to need to hope that my memory serves me properly during my match with Hugh.

Come check out the video on Friday to see this crazy deck in action!



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Greetings Lightseekers, and welcome to our first WACKY WEDNESDAY blog post!  


Now, you might be asking yourself “What is this WACKY WEDNESDAY that LifeSabre speaks of?!”


Well Lightseekers, have I got a treat for you!  Every week, I will be asking members of the Lightseekers community for strange restrictions to build a deck around.  I will then create the best deck I can with the restrictions given to me, and have another member of the Lightseekers community create a partner deck with either the same restriction, or a restriction that is similar.  Then, the two restricted decks will battle head to head, and a video of the game play will be posted on FRIDAY FUNDAY!


So for the first WACKY WEDNESDAY, I was given the oddest restriction that our friend RevTheRoadie (the creator of Seekers A to Z) could dream up!  


My restriction… create a deck using cards that ONLY contain odd numbers.  And Rev’s restriction was that his deck could only use even numbers. If a card had both an odd and even number on it, the card was off-limits!


This restriction seemed like a doozy to start off with, only being able to use cards with odd numbers limits the available cardpool a significant amount! I was struggling to even decide what order to play… that is, until I remembered that only Astral and Nature have buff removal cards that contain odd numbers.  Then, after reviewing the rest of the card options from both orders, I decided that Nature was going to provide me with the best platform for building this odd deck.


Without further ado, here is the decklist!






Beast Control


Life Imbue

Spiritual Turmoil

Territorial Dominance



Forgewall x2



Disturbed Elemental x3

Mantix Raider x2

Reckless Spirit x3

Spirit Mob x2

Oakthorn Warrior x2



Root Singer x2

Empowering Sanctum x3

Hibernating Agama x3

Insect Swarm x2

Spectral Web x2

Emergency System x3



Tantosian Blacksmith x1


Funny story about my hero selection… I was ALL set on using Greensprout for my hero choice, and was super excited about the opening hand card advantage… until RevTheRoadie HAD to go and point out that Greensprout has 30 health.  There are only THREE nature heroes (not counting cross-order heroes) that have an odd starting health – AND STUPID TREANU HAS A 2 IN HIS CARD TEXT. We don’t own a Scabious Deeproot, so Ouves it was!

As far as my combo choices went, in all honesty, my choices came down to “Does it have only odd numbers? Yes – okay they can be on the team!”  I’m actually pretty happy with my combo choices though. They have a decent amount of damage, and they help me with the “get as many buffs as possible on the field” line of play that I am hoping to achieve with this deck.


My general strategy when I play this against RevTheRoadie will be to try to get a steady stream of damage out on him using my damage dealing buffs, and the attack cards in my deck.  The only healing that I have comes from my combos and the Emergency Systems, so this is an all out, in your face damage deck.  I will want to have as many buffs out as possible.  Luckily, he will not be running Crazed Bombers (since Crazed Bomber removes an ODD number of buffs), but if he has some way to work shenanigans I may be in trouble.


Is this deck top tier, regional competition ready? Absolutely not!  But I’m hoping that it works well enough so I can beat RevTheRoadie!  Look for the video on FRIDAY FUNDAY, to see my ODD deck play his EVEN deck.





P.S. –  it occurs to me that Rev is at a distinct advantage here… he can see my entire decklist on this blog post, and he isn’t posting his list until Monday.  Hopefully that doesn’t disadvantage me too badly! You all should totally go and subscribe to his channel though. That way if he absolutely destroys me on Friday you’ll be able to see what magic he concocted when he posts his video on Monday!  You can see his first Seekers A to Z video here:

PAX South Constructed Tournament – Lifesabre’s deck and experiences

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The Sunday tournament for PAX South was an absolute BLAST!  I was so exhausted from the Saturday tournament that I feel like I didn’t do as well as I probably could have.

I easily won round 1, but then I lost round two against a pretty solid player.  We did play all three games in our round, but I definitely lost handily.  I’m pretty sure that the person who beat me in round 2 had a really good record, but I don’t know for sure.

Round 3 was a different story.  I lost pretty quickly in game one, and then absolutely destroyed my opponent in game two.  Game three was a really good game, and we had a LOT of back and forth in our life totals.  I was feeling pretty confident, but then my opponent got me down to 9 life and I didn’t have any healing in my hand.  I knew that I was probably dead next turn unless I could figure a way out.  My opponent was at 16 life, and I had a Solar Wind in my hand.  I got a little over zealous and excited that I had a way to kill him, so I completely overlooked the fact that he had damage reduction out on the board.

I played my Solar Wind, thought I had him dead.  He thought I had him dead as well, but then he remembered his reduction, swung in for 9 exactly in his turn and we shook hands while I cried softly inside.

Epic sadness was had – BUT I’m actually really happy with myself, because in the past I have had trouble coming back from losing when I lose due to my own play mistakes.  It’s hard for me to reconcile losing due to MY actions, as opposed to losing because the opponent played better than I did.  That didn’t happen in the tournament at South!  I was able to move past my play mistake, and I did win all of the rest of my rounds.  Unfortunately, due to breakers I didn’t make top 8, but I had an amazing time and I can’t wait for the next event!

Moral of the story – don’t get so excited about having the ability to do 16 damage in one turn that you forget to check the rest of the board state.  (I am embarrased to admit that I made a similar play mistake in the testing games with Bova that we did on YouTube… Solar Wind is easy to get over-zealous with!)

Anyway!  Here is the Deck List!  If you would like to see the video of me talking about the deck, you can watch it here:

Hero: Cassini


  1. Anti Gravity Field
  2. Black Hole
  3. Stellar Fusion
  4. Planetary Alignment
  5. Solar Wind

Attack Cards:

  • Pathfinder x3
  • Chimchu Infiltrator x3
  • Light Lasher x2
  • Astral Priest x2
  • Dinemsional Hunter x1
  • Mirror Beast x1

Defend Cards:

  • Sun Beacon x3
  • Shapeshifter x2
  • Dusk Feeder x2
  • Yikona Tactician x2

Buff Cards:

  • Subjugator x2
  • Dawn Stalker x2
  • Mageship x2
  • Sun Hugger x2
  • Yikona Oracle x1